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Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


2016 Journal from college text book

Winter is here and I am in my art room full time it seems.
I had set aside this textbook to use as my 2016 Journal.
It is a real good size and has some pretty cool old images in it. So I started it last week.
I found a paper pack of cardstock to use. Always makes things look nice without a lot of effort to use a pad of coordinating cardstock. It also had some punch out tags and cut outs. I think I will use this for the cover.
I tore many pages out to keep the book so it will close correctly. It may get a little fat when I add some photos or other memorabilia.
Next week I will share some of the inside pages. I used washi tape on the edges. I really like the finished, colorful look it gives to the closed book.

I will be on the road next week so hopefully blogger will let me post from cell phone. It isn't always the friendliest operation to use the cell phone. We will see  ... if not two weeks from now I will have the inside pages posted.
Thanks for visiting!



Old Art Journals finished and bound

I have had these signatures of partnership art journals since 2010. I actually had to finish a few pages on the one. I shared one in a previous post.

I decided to do a book cover binding technique I have seen many others do. So I took the "guts" out of this old atlas and then used hemp to bind each signature into the spine of the book. I used some binding tape I had on had and a few pieces of card stock to reinforce the binding before sewing in the signatures.

Here are a few pictures:

 I added some buttons and beads to the hemp threads that were left hanging

 I may add some embossing to the cover, it is such a cool old book ...
 Inside front cover
 a few pages ...

 I added a piece of wax paper to keep the pages from sticking together.
I used glass matte medium back then. Sometimes sticks together.


Live, Laugh, Love

I am so happy to be back into my art journals. This is the last page of a journal signature I started back in 2010. It was a partnership journal that didn't get finished. It has a few pages from another I knew online. I feel very privileged to share my art with other artists over the years.
I would love to start a new collaborative journal in 2016. One of my classes in the new year will be about trading art and working in partnership journals and altered books.
I will show you next week how I took an old book cover and sewed 3 signatures of art journaling into it.


InSpIRe Post

I have been very busy creating art and enjoying the holidays. Posting has been put on the back burner.
But I do love my first blog and all the memories it contains.

I am going to make myself a promise to post one time a week moving forward. It may just be a picture of new art or sharing something I find worthy of sharing. But I am going to post once a week.

Here is a link to my more commercial blog.
Trying to break through as an artist in an art saturated community is not easy. I still enjoy my online world of friends and followers. So that is why I am committing to more interaction with you.

If you are on FaceBook and want the whole story about the art journal spread here is the link.