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Artiscape - Columbus OH

I have decided to go . . .

I have wanted to do this for a few years. I have a roommate from IN and I am sooo looking forward to this.

I plan on taking workshops that will help me in my teaching endeavors; so I can provide new & different workshops this summer.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this art conference right here in Ohio, please check out this link:

The picture included with this post is from the cover of my Partnership Journal I am doing with Victoria in California. She's an awesome partner and I am thrilled to be doing this throughout the year with her.


Inclement Weather Day = Day Off Work!!!

I was excited to be able to stay home today, until I woke up with a very sore throat. It appears I have a sinus cold and that usually involves my throat. I'm on Zicam to hopefully whip this thing before it whips me.
I was able to connect with a few more high school classmates through Facebook. I think it's so funny to see a name then to try and remember where you know them from. I haven't done a high school search until today, so that made me connect names that I have seen in the past.
I finished loading 2009 Art Journal pictures and created a new slideshow.
I also added some new pictures below in my generic art slideshow.
It will Thursday tomorrow so the weekend is close, yah! I plan on doing some fun creating then.