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Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


ABC's of the Seashore Art Journal

I got half of the book scanned today and made a photo album of it on photobucket.

So click here and it should take you there: ABC's of the Seashore

I made it out of a black & white composition book. I tore a lot of pages out to make room for the bulkyness (is that a word) of the collages I did for each letter. I left a few pages in between groups of letter pages to add some of my personal pictures and memorabilia. I have been working off and on for about a year on this project. It took off this spring and has kept my attention until I finished it a few days ago.

Thanks for looking!


Pics from my monthly art journal

I am doing an art journal this year with everyday things from life. It is a lot of fun using images you aquire all day, every day. I collage and then journal around the collage or just let the images tell the story of my life at that moment in time.

I just finished this one. It was started in June. This happen a lot, I get the collage glued down then add finishing touches and journaling later. I want to write more on my nuts pictures but have to go get another sharpie black extra fine pen. This was a jelly pen and didn't work too well, so I stopped.

I am adding more pictures to my photobucket album above called MY ART so you can see some of the other pages in this journal.

Thanks for looking  . . .