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Hello followers ... I am still alive!

I am so glad a blog stays put even if you neglect it for months on end... We are getting ready to sell our farm in Ohio and start living a dream... My husband is retired and we are going to be looking in Maine for a Bed & Breakfast type of situation. My dream is to be able to hold a combination of art camp and outdoor adventure style 4 day long vacations. For the most part for women. I love mixed media art and teaching others how easy it is to journal through altered books. I also love the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, backpacking are my favorites. I do not want a real fancy place but want it to be large enough to allow for 10 to 12 participants during each event. Now for your help. I have looked at what is out there and need your feedback on some of the big elements I need to iron out in my head so we know what to look for and what we can afford. Price? Camps run from 800.00 to about 1400.00 for lodging, meals and all art supplies to make projects and learn new techniques, and most important meet new friends and have fun. What price are comfortable with for a 4 day vacation that does not include your travel expenses. Ideally how many participants do you want to share your time with? Would you want healthy food options for all meals or for some? Decadent desserts important to you? Would outdoor activities be a nice break from doing art? Possibly kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing? Would you be willing to share a room, with how many people? Would you consider Maine to be a destination women would love to come to? Would an afternoon sailing on a windjammer and then a lobster dinner be a good extra activity? What months would you be most likely to choose to take a vacation apart from your family or loved ones? I want to do at least 4 events a year and possible up to 8. Thanks again for your feedback and any ideas you want to share. I may not respond to all, but will try.