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Found a Great Little Company for Smoothies

Wanted to let you all know about a great small company based in Oregon. They make an awesome product. I love them because I can have a smoothie while out on the trail backpacking now!!

I really missed having my smoothie on my last backpacking trip and was determined to find a way to take them with me. I found a heavy packaged 4 oz smoothie that did not need refrigerated, but I knew this was not going to work for my desire to be as light weight as I can be. So I kept looking.
I found the Sherwood Valley Juice Company's website and a great offer of free shipping to give them a try. So I sent away for their trial offer and the small little packages were at my house in just a few days. I tried them and was so happy to know I had my "smoothie fix" for the trail! They are not a replacement for what I fix myself every morning, but they do help out when I am on the go and need to get my fix on the road or trail. And they are very economical to boot!
So I urge you to give them a try and tell them I sent you!

Sherwood Valley Juice Company blends fruit and vegetable powders into delicious, nutrient rich single serving meals. These whole-food instant smoothie blends are freeze dried and dehydrated at low temperatures; this means your smoothie is alive with raw, plant based, whole food nutrition. Simply add one of these blends to your water bottle or blender and 15 seconds later enjoy your smoothie anyplace, anytime.