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90 Followers woo hoo!!

I posted a while back that I would have a drawing of my followers once I reached 100. Only 10 more to go. I want to make something awesome . . . any suggestions??? Take a look through my older posts and if anything looks interesting let me know.

I took my first spinning class today. It was HARD!! But fun. A new goal for the month, to stand for a whole class by the end of the month. I did get my cardio in, just need a stronger core. I am so glad it is Friday!! Can't wait to relax for a few hours at the pool this weekend. I love summer! Hopefully we can pick another couple of buckets of blackberries this weekend too. Hate the stickers but love the berries in my smoothies.

I'll try to post Sunday some new art. 


My Dad's ROD Journal

I made a slideshow of some of the pages in the ROD journal I am making for my Dad. (Click on title of post to get to slideshow) I'm keeping it pretty simple. I do want to embellish a bit more. But it's a guy's journal so I don't want to go over board. I'm making it with the same purpose in mind as I made my mom's. For him to write about his life & memories. It will be a treasured keepsake.
Thanks for looking  . . . now I'm off to the gym :-)

Update: This "not buying anything except gas" is HARD!! I forgot my flip flops at home so now I have to wear my gym shoes all day at work. Any other day I would have run to the dollar store and bought flip flops, ugh!! I did my first Pilates work out today. It wasn't real hard but I can already feel my body responding to the fact that I have given it a very different work out . . . so this is good . . . I think??
I have scheduled time off in September to hike the AT for a long weekend. I am so excited. My oldest son, Chris, is coming with me. I hope to get to the summit of Mount Rogers in VA. So all this extra training will help me I am sure and makes any discomfort so worth it, when I get to top. :-)

OK now it's time to work . . .


My New Art Studio

Here's my new sunny art room . . . well part of it.
I'm working on a type of ROD journal for my Dad to journal about his life. I will take some pics soon.
I plan to post a picture and how I am doing on my journey of consuming less this month . . . in all ways!!