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Got my new art room(s) set up

I have my new art rooms with all my stuff in them... yeah!! I am so happy! My DH and oldest son helped move desk and go get a desk from my mom & dad. So I have two desk now and lots of storage, but way too much stuff. So it is time to organize and trim down my supplies. I cannot create in chaos!!
So I have about another week of work of ahead of me, but it will be so worth it to be able to have a true guest room for family & friends to visit more often and to be able to CREATE more art!!
I will post pictures when I am done.
Have an awesome rest of the weekend!!


Why I am not posting as often

I am so happy to have 83 followers. I am not sure you all are so happy with me lately. I am sorry for not posting more often. Life is very busy these days and I have not been creating much art.

I am doing very good on my journey of weight loss and exercise. I have lost 45 lbs and want to loose at least another 30. My energy level is awesome and I am having fun hiking this spring. I enjoyed a hike and camp out in Cuyahoga Valley National Park just up the road from us. My husband went with me. We hiked 9 miles Sat morning in about 3.5 hours. A little faster then I like, but I did it. There were awesome ledges to walk up to and beside. We camped overnight and had to suffer through a half hour thunderstorm. But campfire time was fun. Got a good 5 hours sleep before things got uncomfortable. My DH says this is not for him. He likes the hiking but wants a real bed at the end of the day. So I will have to find someone to backpack with later this summer.

Right now I am getting the house ready for my youngest son's visit with his wife. They will be home the first part of July. So I have to move my art/scrapbook room back downstairs. Having it in the guest room is not working at all. So besides working full time this is what I have been up to. Hopefully I will have fun creating some things with my DIL and I'll post about that soon.
Thanks for following and I'll try to post some creativity soon . . .