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Collage Layers technique

I save everything . . . how about you?

I have lots of church bulletins, sewing patterns, scraps of pretty paper from scrapbooking, old song books from flea markets, my postage stamps, etc.
I have file folders of magazine pages. I try to organize them how I think I will use them. My categories are faces, people, places, texture & pattern, text (large & small separated), architecture. So then I can just pull a file and look for something to add to a collage.
I have used an old suitcase to store all my scrap paper pieces. Sometimes I just pull it out and make several collage pages all at one. Then I can go back and add paint and stamping.

  • I first added the yellow and gesso paint over the top of the collage.
  • I added the black paint to the outlines before doing the last steps. 
  • On this collage I added some bubble wrap stamping, some brayer painting, and then stamps with black acrylic paint on form stamps. I also use a medicine bottle to make the rings. The bird stamp is with a pigment dye stamp pad.
The hardest part is waiting for it to dry so I can do another page. But usually I try to finish a page right before heading off to work at 2pm. This way it will be dry when I get home!
Now it's your turn!!