Remains of the Day Journal

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My first ROD journal

I finally made my first Remains of the Day journal / keepsake.
I made this for my mom. I will make a slide show in a few days to show the inside. It has pictures from her childhood and young married life. I left lots of room for her to write her memories. She helped me with the cover. She knows how to sew, I do not. But this kind of sewing I can do. She pressed the slipcover before I made it into the cover.
Anyways  . . . it's late and I have to get to bed. So I'll do more later.


Collaborative Art Journal Auctions

In January 2010 a small group of artists agreed to participate in a collaborative art journaling project. The idea was for each artist to create three art journal entries based upon a theme – one was about “Love”, the second was about “Friendship” and the third was left “Open”. Each artist was asked to include an introduction page and two art entries about the theme of the journal they chose to work in. Each journal contains 36 different art entries. All three journals traveled throughout the United States and Canada for about twelve months. Two have returned safely and the third is slowly limping home – it ran into a few unexpected road blocks along the way, but will be traveling again soon.

It was proposed that these journals be auctioned off and the proceeds from each sale donated to a charity. The Love Journal would benefit a children’s charity. The Friendship Journal would benefit a women’s charity. The Open Journal would benefit Bernie Berlin’s no-kill animal shelter - known as "A Place to Bark".
Here are the links -

Love Journal =

Friendship Journal =

The picture is my introduction page from the Love Journal. There are sooo many great pages in both of these journals. Lots of ideas to get your muse going . . .


Collage Layers technique

I save everything . . . how about you?

I have lots of church bulletins, sewing patterns, scraps of pretty paper from scrapbooking, old song books from flea markets, my postage stamps, etc.
I have file folders of magazine pages. I try to organize them how I think I will use them. My categories are faces, people, places, texture & pattern, text (large & small separated), architecture. So then I can just pull a file and look for something to add to a collage.
I have used an old suitcase to store all my scrap paper pieces. Sometimes I just pull it out and make several collage pages all at one. Then I can go back and add paint and stamping.

  • I first added the yellow and gesso paint over the top of the collage.
  • I added the black paint to the outlines before doing the last steps. 
  • On this collage I added some bubble wrap stamping, some brayer painting, and then stamps with black acrylic paint on form stamps. I also use a medicine bottle to make the rings. The bird stamp is with a pigment dye stamp pad.
The hardest part is waiting for it to dry so I can do another page. But usually I try to finish a page right before heading off to work at 2pm. This way it will be dry when I get home!
Now it's your turn!!