Remains of the Day Journal

Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


Lots of layers

The technique was found in the Autumn 2010 Somerset apprentice magazine. I used it for my composition book cover posted back in Dec 2010.
Start with a sturdy material, chipboard or heavy weight paper.
Then layer your first color using acrylic paints and just move the pain around with your fingers. I used several colors of blue and white to get my effect. I may have used a brush too. Leave the paint thick in spots and then use a heat tool to dry the page. This makes the thick areas crackle and bubble. Then use brown distress ink and cover the whole surface. Then spritz with water and scrub the ink off certain areas.
Using a brayer I add white gesso to areas mostly around the edges.
Then I used dark brown Stazon ink to stamp script and a few quotes.
I added a piece of old music sheet. Then I stamped the nest and bird.
I added some stickles to the flowers around the nest. It takes overnight for everything to dry well. Then I brushed gel medium over the whole cover. I did the back cover with the same technique but did not add the stamped images. This was a lot of fun to do. I did two books at the same time so I could let them dry in at the same time. They each looked a little different.  I will probably due a few more for presents.
I just started the "Remains of the Day" class with Mary Ann Moss. So I expect to be totally immersed in these for a bit. I am hoping to get my mom interested. She has always been a quilter and sewing was her passion, until she lost the feeling in her hands and has a hard time with the precision of quilting. I think these journals maybe just the ticket for her. On my way home tonight.


Just doodles and journaling

This is a picture of Florence when she was very young.
I decided to leave her picture on this page. This time-period sort of fascinates me. To me, her look is timeless. Sometimes just working around something already in the book you are altering is a challenge. I decided to use some coffee sleeves on the page next to it and then journal about coffee on this page.


Collage of stamped images

Using stazon ink and one flower and leaf stamp.
I stamped over the text on this page. The design to the left was used to journaling some of my favorite lyrics.
This page reminds me of summer  . . . aahhh . . . can't wait for the warm days.


Subscribing to my Posts

Sorry if you are subscribing to my posts and only see 2 month old posts listed. There appears to be a glitch with Yahoo & Blogger world. I actually went as far as to delete the post that appears. But it still shows up as my most recent post. I subscribe to others blogs and can see this same thing has happened to a few others but not to everyone. So I guess we will have to wait and see how long it takes to fix the issue. Until then, please know my intention is to update my blog weekly if not more often and I love to have vistitors and followers!!
And to show my appreciation, I am going to giveaway an altered compostion book to one of my followers when I get to 100. Can't wait to see who gets it!! I'll post pictures as soon as it is done.
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and encouragement over the past year or so.
Today's picture is of ATC's created for other artist's 2011 Word of Intent. We are doing a swap in my BAJ yahoo group. The bottom is for the word "today" as is one of my favorite quotes and something I struggle with sometimes. To just realize we never get back today and to make it count!
Love to all!


BAJ Art Challenge ~ A + Red + Hearts

I got to stay home, and I love a day off that is unplanned. Also can't go anywhere due to the ice we have over the snow on our road.

So I made a new recipe with butternut squash from yesterday's TODAY show. It turned out yummy.

Then went upstairs to take on Kim's weekly challenge, I punched out hearts from paper I use under my journals pages when I paint. I love to use these for abstract collage stuff. Then punched a few from scrapbook paper laying around. Used old credit cards to smear the paint around, then a brayer to add some "grunge". I used watercolor crayons and poster paint pens to add some details. Also a few stickers for some added "bling". Using the letter A had me stumped for a bit, then I decided to journal all my hearts in my life right now.