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Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


Pictures of my first face painting & words of affirmation

I have joined the free classes online & Willowing & Friends. Tam is a great teacher. I have wanted to try faces for a while now, so I jumped in and did one in my art journal altered book I am doing all this year. The paper was a challenge with all the layers she has us doing. So it's not quite what I wanted but not too bad. We were to write words of affirmation on the other page. Something that we need to say to ourself more often. So that is why I choose these words. I think as women we need to do this more. I am putting myself first now in the need for time to exercise. That is why I do not blog as much, or comment as much in my groups. If I spend that time sitting on the computer then I do not have the time to exercise. So here is my finished product if blogger cooperates and lets me upload them.