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I've been scammed!!

Got home yesterday afternoon, to emails from everyone. Are you OK, I think you have been scammed . . .

Yes I have. My email address book is empty. But I have still have access to it. Changed the PW, so I don't know if I should stop using it or not.

I'm waiting for yahoo to get back to me. This has happened to many of my online friends and friends at work. It's ridiculous!! Is someone actually paying these people . . . they must get something to keep doing it. I can't imagine anyone really thinking this email was from me. It was pretty good as far as including I am in Canada. Except I am home and safe!! But the grammar and really would anyone email people if they needed help.

They used my signature too, so I am changing it too. I'm just really pissed!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go work on my travel journal and just enjoy the rest of my day!