Remains of the Day Journal

Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


My RT 40 yard sale find

It's a 1935 2nd Edition Unabridged International Dictionary

It's huge and in pretty good condition. You would not believe the things I found left in it. Of course I have not looked through every page, but I found 3 uncashed checks to "The Noodle Company" for .98 cents each, from 1980. A small envelope with to the tooth fairy with a tooth in it. :(
Then just little notes from words looked up, I think.
I don't know if I should altered it or not. I will have to think on this for awhile. Inside the front cover is described the different versions that were printed and how much they cost. I have the 17.5 lb. version so it either cost $30.00 or $35.00 back in 1935. I think that was quite a bit of money back then. I paid $20.00 for it. I think I got a pretty good deal!

Enjoy Life ~ Deb