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Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


New art posted

I just finished my pages for my partnership journal with Victoria and added them and a few other art journal pages from my everyday art journal.

I have been staying up late working on my art journals and scrapbooks for upcoming baby & a graduation party for my nephew. So I am keeping busy.


I changed the look of my blog a little

Well work is a little slow tonight . . . so I 've been playing with the new blog templates. I think I like this one, but once I start playing you never know where I might end up.
I also was able to create my signature that I have been struggling with over the past year. That's right I have been blogging for over a year. I had no idea until I looked back to my first post that it had already been one year.

Hope you like the new look . . .

I plan to post some new artwork in the next few days.
til then . . .


if i was . . .

if i was a month i'd be june

if i was a day of the week i'd be saturday

if i was a time of day i'd be ten in the morning

if i was a sea animal i'd be a dolphin

if i was a direction i'd be west

if i was a piece of furniture i'd be a chaise

if i was a liquid i'd be a margarita

if i was a gemstone i'd be an opal

if i was a tree i'd be a willow

if i was a tool i'd be a paint brush

if i was a flower i'd be an english rose

if i was a kind of weather i'd be a warm spring day

if i was a musical instrument i'd be a guitar

if i was a color i'd be aqua

if i was an emotion i'd be joy

if i was a fruit i'd be a pineapple

if i was a food i'd be a tuscan pasta dish

if i was a material i'd be denium

if i was a scent i'd be bergamot citrus

if i was a flavor i'd be chocolate

if i was a sound i'd be a praise song

if i was an element i'd be water

if i was a mammal i'd be a horse

if i was a phase of the moon i would be full

if i was a berry i'd be a bumbleberry

if i was a bird i'd be an eagle

if i was a book i'd be island of the blue dolphins

if i was a place i'd be a beach

I decided to do an art journal page using this self made poem . . . and added the picture today 6.30.10


Private Events or Celebrations Idea

Celebrate lives, friendships and happenings with an Art Journaling & Mixed-Media party, tailored to meet your special occasion.

Here are some ideas we can explore during an event, sometimes more then one depending on the details.

*Get introduced to the wonders of Art Journaling
*Learn how to bind your journal of watercolor paper
*Learn the art of Altered Books
*Learn transfer techniques
*Find out what ATC (Artists Trading Cards) is all about.
*22 Page Layout from one CTMH $12.95 paper pack. (not included in the price of event)

2 and 1/2 hours – $25 per person

Please Email me @ for more info and to save a date


My RT 40 yard sale find

It's a 1935 2nd Edition Unabridged International Dictionary

It's huge and in pretty good condition. You would not believe the things I found left in it. Of course I have not looked through every page, but I found 3 uncashed checks to "The Noodle Company" for .98 cents each, from 1980. A small envelope with to the tooth fairy with a tooth in it. :(
Then just little notes from words looked up, I think.
I don't know if I should altered it or not. I will have to think on this for awhile. Inside the front cover is described the different versions that were printed and how much they cost. I have the 17.5 lb. version so it either cost $30.00 or $35.00 back in 1935. I think that was quite a bit of money back then. I paid $20.00 for it. I think I got a pretty good deal!

Enjoy Life ~ Deb