Remains of the Day Journal

Altered Dictionary "Life's Blessings"


My Pics from Artiscape

My treasures . . .
The bag in the back was a find at the Artist Marketplace on Sunday.
It's made by Kathy Stantz of
The book is an altered book clutch.

The flat piece is the beginning of my encaustic creation.
I want to work on it some more.
Here's a close up of the clutch.


Back from ARTiScape

I had a fantastic weekend in Columbus doing new art techniques.
I made an altered book clutch on Friday afternoon. It was an old Leo Tolstoy book, so it has really cool pictures in it. We used some of the text to cover the inside. I will take pictures and hopefully post them tomorrow.
on Saturday morning I made a leather bound journal. It had 5 signatures and I used brown supple leather for the cover. Pictures soon. It is a binding that I can use with fabric or heavy paper too.
On Saturday afternoon I had free time to look at all the neat offering at the marketplace. Spent more money than I probably should have.
We had a 5 course dinner on Sat that left a little to be desired. But met some great ladies and had wonderful conversation that made the meal easy to get through. Of course another martini didn't hurt either.
Sunday morning I was able to sleep in a little after getting my roommate off. She is from Indy. She and I only met this weekend in person, but I feel like she was a long lost friend.
Sunday afternoon, I took an encaustic (beeswax paint) class with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. It was an awesome class, where I learned a lot about this medium I have been wanting to try for over a year. So much so that I already have all the supplies, just needed some hands on guidance.

I had a great time and am already looking forward to next year and I know a few of the classes I want to take if they are offered again. Who knows maybe I will be able to teach something I know too. Stay tuned on that front . . .

Have a good week!
PS I'll do my best to post pictures tomorrow.


Quotable Women Rapid RR

I am in a rapid round robin. We each have to send the book on 1 week after we receive it. It was fun to have to get to work on it and not think too much about it. I knew the book was on it's way, and I knew which women I wanted to do quotes from, so the rest came together pretty easily. I will mail it off to the next artist on Monday. We are auctioning the book at the end for charity. I'll post when I know more about that.

I have to get a few more pieces done this weekend so back to the studio.

Have a great weekend!


Another Art Journal page

Here's a spread I did at the end of Feb. I bought the paper in TX when we went to visit friends.
I love doing this partnership journal with Vickie from Sacto. She got to go to the beach for spring break. That's probably the thing I miss most about living in CA. We have to drive 10 hours to get to the Virginia coastline. I do love Chincoteague, but not the drive through the mountains in Maryland & Virginia.

Happy Easter everyone ~