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Posted New Pics of my finished Art Journal for 2009

I took time today to scan the last pages of my Healthy Journal. It ended with other types of pages added as I was doing different things. I like that I have finished my first art journal. I am starting a new partnership journal with Victoria in Sacto CA. I have also started another monthly art journal, where my goal is finish a few pages each month. I have scrapbooks to complete too. So it will be another busy year. But I love staying busy this way.
We plan to travel too and I still work full-time, so I will be busy. But I am going to make time to work out and get myself back into good physical shape. I feel so much better. I want to loose weight but ultimately I want to feel good. I know exercise does this and I have to make time and commit to it.
Hope everyone is getting on with their goals and enjoying life in 2010.


2010 Word of Intent - JOURNEY

My word for 2010 is JOURNEY.

JOURNEY - a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced.
This is my plan for my physical, spiritual and artful self.
I want to take my body to place it will not fail me. Because I want to travel and explore this world and I do not want to be limited by my abilities to move up a mountain or down a path.
I want to feel at peace with the world and I can only do this through a stronger relationship with my God & Savior, Jesus Christ.
I want to figure out how to use my abilities as an artist and teacher to support myself. I do not want to continue working for someone else. It is time to be my own boss and to live up to my potential.
So there it is for the world to see. I spent a year art journaling about living healthy and my dreams, now it is time to ACT.