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Home from Vacation

It's sooo good to be home.

We had a wonderful time . . .

First went through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, MN and into North Dakota.

This was an interesting drive. Iowa is flat and huge farms. Up into northern Iowa & MN they have lots of windmills. I am fascinated by them. I want one of my own. I don't know why we are not using the wind and the sun to provide our energy. When are we going to wake up, America!!

North Dakota has fields and fields of sunflowers. Judy B would love it.

We had a fun visit with Kevin and Amanda. Their home is lovely. The base is nice and the weather was very warm except for a couple days.

We came home the northern route, thru MN, WI and UP MI. We stopped in Ashland WI, went to Bayfield for a sail boat ride. It was a beautiful day!

Then we went to Mackinaw City and out to Mackinaw Island. We visited Fort Mackinaw and went for a horse carriage ride. We want to come back and stay at one of the Inns along the shore. The picture is from Arch Rock on Mackinaw Island. I loved our two stops on the way home.

Then we headed home so home.

I added a vacation photo album below.